School leavers get career counselling and new parents are inundated with advice. Why then, when you stop working full time, do you just get a handshake and a firm push out the door?

While an immediate surge of excitement is common when you retire, for many people this fades just as quickly. After the initial 'honeymoon' period, you're often left wondering what to do with the rest of your life. This can be because, while many people take their financial planning very seriously, they often don’t plan the rest of their life anywhere near as well. This can cause big problems.

A recent study from the British Institute of Economic Affairs found retirement increased clinical depression by 40% and decreased the chances of someone self-assessing themselves with ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ health by 40%. There are 5.6 million baby boomers in Australia and the first wave of them are now leaving their full-time jobs. 

Our boomers are fitter, healthier, wealthier and will live longer than any generation before them. And while there’s a lot of advice and support available for financial retirement planning - there’s very little to help people live the lives they want when they’re no longer working full time.

Full Time Lives aims to fill this gap. We work with organisations and individuals to help people transition better to exciting and fulfilling lives after full-time paid work. Whether this is through volunteering, travel, paid work, further education, spending more time with people they care about or just having more fun!