Our vision is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem of companies, government and not-for-profits which helps people live more vibrant and fulfilling lives after full-time work.

We would love to talk to organisations that:

  • Are committed to supporting mature customers and/or employees who want to transition to vibrant and meaningful lives after full-time paid work.

  • Want to be part of an innovative new approach to working with mature skilled professionals

  • Are seeking to differentiate themselves by offering targeted services that help mature, skilled workers transition from full-time paid work to full time lives

In return we can help position you as a thought-leader and innovator in the field of ‘retirement’ as well as:

  • Enhancing your relationships with your employees or customers

  • Helping you acquire new customers

  • Connecting you to like-minded organisations

  • Connecting you to skilled, mature professionals with diverse backgrounds and a desire to use their skills to give back to the community

Find out more about our services and contact Natalie Yan-Chatonsky if you are interested in exploring partnerships with us.